Card Method – Palliative / Dementia

This version of the Sources of Meaning – card method is designed to initiate a conversation about meaning in life and other existential topics with people who cannot be expected to complete the more intense exercise with 26 cards and a duration of about one hour. Relevant cognitive limitations might arise due to, for example, dementia or severe disease.

The purpose of the cognitive limitations version of the card method is to provide structure and input to a conversation about meaning in life.
The card method is a tool, but not a ready-made recipe for a meaningful conversation. This 7-card version is thus intended for use by professionals who are already able to have an existential conversation with a client. The usage must be readily adapted and procedures put aside if the conversation is not sustained as expected or if other significant agendas arise. The instructions and the print template are available for non-commercial use under the following links:

Instructions in English
Printable version, double sided, (laminate and cut cards)

Dementia/palliative version in Danish
Trine Struer Tranberg
Peter la Cour
Tatjana Schnell